Welcome To Do It Yourself 7 Series BMW Service For E65 750i & E66 750li

Welcome To DiyE65E66

This is your 1 stop shop for all your 2002-2008 Bmw E65 E66 needs.  Over the last year I have filmed all of my Bmw E65 750i E66 750li projects and posted them to YouTube under the channel name DiysaveCash.  The reason I started filming my projects is because I felt like giving back, kind of like paying it forward.  You see awhile ago I had another car it was a 2004 Cadillac CTS and the car broke down a couple times.  One time it was the water pump, and well I had no idea had to fix it, I was cutting it close every month with paying bills and running my chauffeur business, so I did not have any extra money to take my car to the shop.  I needed my car back up and running quickly, everyday was lost revenue, and so like most of us I turned to YouTube were I learned how to fix the water pump and also install new belts and hoses.  It didn’t stop there folks, the nice folks on YouTube taught me how to install a new window regulator for my broken window.  Other projects included oil changes, transmission oil changes, filter changes etc.  Now YouTube wasn’t how I learned everything I have to thank my dad bless his heart for teaching me the basics.  When my car broke down when I was young, he would say “I’ll help you fix it but I’m not going to fix it for you”  then we would head over to the local Pick a Part and take our tool box and wretch it out and install it back at home.  Tell you the truth he has given me about 90 % of the tools that I use to work on my E65.  So thank you for stopping by, I’m here to help you and I hope we can help each other.  Please leave comments and lets help each other out, if there are projects that I have not covered and someone is in need hopefully someone that has the knowledge can answer.  Here on DiyE65E66.com you can access all of the YouTube videos in one location, with of course all the resources and links for tools or products you might need to purchase to get the job done.  So check back often I’ll have all the latest projects up. Thank you and happy fixing.

Projects that I have done.  ( Head to Video Tab )

tool box

  1.  Bmw E65 E66 Oil change
  2.  Bmw E65 E66 Transmission oil change
  3.  Bmw E65 E66 Rear differential oil change
  4.  Bmw E65 E66 CCV Crank Case Vent Valves replace and install
  5.  Bmw E65 E66 Final Stage Blower Air Conditioning Squeak fix, ( showing you location and removing )
  6.  Bmw E65 E66 A/C Micro Cabin Filter replace and change ( both of them )
  7.  Bmw E65 E66 Engine Air Filter replace and change (both of them )
  8.  Bmw E65 E66 How to properly jack up your car and put it on jack stands
  9.  Bmw E65 E66 How to Properly add more coolant
  10.  Bmw E65 E66 How to replace and charge a battery in a 7 series key fob ( for comfort access and non )
  11.  Bmw E65 E66 How to change your spare tire with your tools Bmw gives you
  12.  Bmw E65 E66 How to reset your Idrive computer and service ( like oil changes, filter, spark plugs etc )
  13.  How to make your own Do It Yourself 1 man pressure brake bleeder for under 20 dollars ( to bleed your brakes without a helper )
  14.  Bmw E65 E66 How to add more window washing fluid and where resivor is located.
  15.  Bmw E65 E66 Back seat noise fix ( known problem in the ski rack area of these Bmw’s )
  16.  Bmw E65 E66 Pairing of your Iphone to your Bmw’s bluetooth and where to find your bluetooth Pin Pass key.
  17.  Bmw E65 E66 Brake Bleeding video

& Many More, with more on the way.  To See these projects Head To Video Tab

Thank You



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6 Responses to Welcome To Do It Yourself 7 Series BMW Service For E65 750i & E66 750li

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your videos. I have an ’03 745Li with a dead battery. I’ve heard that when I install a new battery I have to have it registered. Do you have a video on how to replace an e65/66 battery?

    • Chris says:

      Hello Jim,
      Thanks for watching, I currently don’t have a video of changing the battery, but yes I’ve heard the same thing about registering the battery, not sure what that en-tales, but one time I disconnected the battery and reconnected it and nothing happened. Everything was ok, but again hopefully someone will see this comment and reply back if they have done this job already. If I find anymore information on this I’ll let you know Jim. Have a great day.

      • Michael says:

        Battery has to be registered if you replace it,so the ECU changes the loading charge from used to new battery.This extend your battery and alternator live.

  2. Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work!

  3. ion says:

    new on the block. any change you whould have a video for spark plugs replacement on a 2008/750.

    thanks a lot,

    • Chris says:

      Hello Ion,

      I actually need to do that as well, I haven’t made a video yet. The online forum board guys probably have great write ups about how to do it. Hope that helps.


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