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Welcome to the BMW E65 E66 Tools And Parts page, here you can find all the tools you see in the videos and more for your Diy Projects for your Bmw E65 750i E66 750li.  All Links are clickable so click the product you want to check out and learn more about & buy it if you want.


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Must Have Tools:

1.   Low Profile Jack
2.   Regular Jack
3.   Jack Stands (you’ll need 4 for some jobs)
4.   Wheel Blockers (to prevent car from rolling backwards)
5.   Torx Socket Set (also known as star tool set)
6.   Metric Socket Set
7.   Metric Sockets
8.   Socket Wrench
9.   Socket Extensions
10. Metric Wrench Set
11. Allen Wrenches (or known as Hex keys)


Angel Eyes

1.  Angel Eyes Lights
2.  Red Angel Eyes Lights

Full Head Light Assembly Are Below


A/C Belt Tool
A/C Belt Tool (For Putting New A/C Belt On)


BMW Key Fob

1.  Key Fob Case
2.  Key Fob Battery (for comfort access key fob)


Brake Pads

1.  Bmw Brake Pads (Back)
2.  Bmw Brake Pads (Front)


Brake Fluid

1.  ATE Racing Brake Fluid Typ 200 DOT 4 (Gold Color)
2.  ATE Racing Super Blue Brake Fluid DOT 4 (Blue Color)
3.  Bmw Brake Fluid DOT 4


Brake Bleeding – Pressure Brake Bleeding

1.  Pressure Brake Bleeder
2.  Catch Bottle For DOT Fluid


Brake Lights & Reverse Lights & Interior Lights

1.  Bmw Brake Lights – LED
2.  Bmw Brake Lights – other options
3.  Bmw Reverse Lights – LED
4.  Bmw Interior Lights (Reading Dome etc) – LED


Cooling System

1.  Coolant Hoses
2.  Coolant Lower Hose/Fan Sensor Controls Fan As Well
3.  Bmw Coolant Antifreeze
4.  Bmw Coolant Antifreeze – Zerex Brand
5.  Coolant Reservoir Tank
6.  Coolant Cap For Reservoir
7.  Thermostat
8.  Water Pump Bmw Genuine (for E65-Sedan-745i-(10/2003-05)
E65-Sedan-ALPINA B7-(2007-08)
9.  Water Pump Bmw Genuine (for E65-Sedan-750i-(2006-08)
10.  Water Pump OEM
11.  Water Pump SENSOR


Crank Case Vent Valves CCV

1.  Bmw Genuine Crank Case Vent Valves


Detailing Products

1.  Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit
2.  Meguiar’s Ultimate Quick Detailer
3.  Meguiar’s Products (from soap to wax to brushes, wash mits, tire shine gloss)
4.  Micro Fiber Cloths
5.  Buffers – Polishers
6.  3M Car Detailing Products



1.  Bluetooth adapter
2.  Bluetooth adapter option 2
3.  Fuses


Filters & Oils

Oil Filters
1.  Bmw Genuine Oil Filter
2.  Mann Oil Filter
3.  Hengst Oil Filter

1.  Mobil 1 0-40w European Formula Fully Synthetic
2.  Castrol 5-30w Fully Synthetic
3.  Bmw Oil 5-30w Fully Synthetic

Transmission Oil Filters

1.  Beck Arnley Transmission Filter

Transmission Oil
1.  Redline D4 Transmission Fluid
2.  Royal Purple Transmission Fluid

Rear Differential Oils

1.  Mobile 1 75w-90 Gear Oil (you need to buy 2 quarts for the job)
2.  Redline 75w-90 Gear Oil
3.  Royal Purple 75w-90 Gear Oil

A/C Micro Cabin Filters (the E65 E66 has 2 of them drivers side & passenger side)

1.  Mann OEM A/C Micro Cabin Filters

Engine Air Filters (the E65 E66 has 2 of them drivers side & passenger side)

1.  Mann Air Filters
2.  Bmw Genuine Air Filters
3.  Amazon Uk Buyers – Air Filters


Fuel Filters

1.  Bmw Genuine Fuel Filter
2.  Mahle OEM Fuel Filter


Gas Treatment Cleaners

1.  Chevron Gas Treatment
2.  Seafoam 16oz
3.  STP Gas Treatment


Guibo Flex Disc Universal Joint

1.  Guibo Flex Disc Universal Joint


Headlight Assembly

1.  Bmw Headlight Assembly (driver or passenger side)


Plasti Dip

1.  Plasti Dip – Black
2.  Plasti Dip – Glossifier
3.  Plasti Dip – All Other Colors
4.  Plasti Dip – Red
5.  Plasti Dip – White



1.  Bmw Rotors


Scanners OBD ll

1.  Actron CP9175 OBD 2 reader (read engine codes and reset check engine light)
2.  More OBD 2 reader options


Sparks Plugs & Ignition Coils

1.  Bmw Ignition Coils OEM
2.  Bmw Genuine Spark Plugs
3.  Sparks Plugs OEM


Windshield Wipers

1.  Bosch Windshield Wipers



1.    Auto Dash Trim Removal Kit
2.    Breaker Bar
3.    Funnels
4.    Gloves Latex
5.    Jack Pads
6.    Mechanics Gloves
7.    Oil Drip Pan Container
8.    Oil Drip Pan
9.    Pumps (for transmission oil change & rear differential)
10.  Paint Thinner
11.  Rino Ramps
12.  Shop Light
13.  Small Shop Lights
14.  Shop Towels
15.  14mm Allen Socket Wrench Hex Key (for rear differential oil change)
16.  Torque Wrench
17.  Windshield Wash


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