Why You Should Work On Your Own BMW E65 E66?


By now you know that owning your BMW is a joy,  having your hands behind the wheel, driving it around town and hugging those tight turns, and turning the stereo a little higher is wonderful experience.  Then comes the time when that check engine light comes on or when it’s time for your scheduled maintenance then your heart sinks, well if your financially prepared then this is not much of a worry for you, but most folks don’t have hundred’s of extra dollars lying around these days and if they did they probably would want to spend it on something else rather then on their car.  This happened to me, the time came for my first oil change and bamm, the man was already trying to stick it to me.  Most of us would ask ourselves why would you buy a car if you can’t afford the service fees, well most of us can afford the service fees but not from the dealership or how some folks call it the stealership.  Even Indie shops can be a bit overboard, they have to feed their families as well.  Back to my first oil change, I made a phone call to the local BMW Indie shop and wow, I wasn’t expecting the man to say oh for the BMW E65 E66 that is going to cost you  150 dollars.  What did you say 150 dollars?



I guess my days of paying 29 dollars or cheaper at Jiffy Lube were over.  Our BMW’s are beasts, they are a very fine built machine, and a fine built machine takes the best, so it does require a premium oil and filter.  Not to mention, that the BMW E65 750i E66 750li takes 8.5 quarts of oil.  After my phone call with the nice man, I decided that it was time to invest in finding out how to do my own oil changes, I was blessed with a dad that gave me time and taught me how to work on my first car a 1978 Volvo station wagon and then my 2nd car which was a 1992 Toyota truck which I lifted, then beat up and off roaded into the ground pretty bad.  So I did some research and of course the best training materials are YouTube and BMW forums.  So I ordered up my oil filter and oil and off I was to change it myself.  The job went pretty well overall except for about 3 or 4 quarts of oil that missed the pan and ended up in my parents driveway, lucky it wasn’t my house or my wife would have been pretty mad, my mom was pretty upset though and after 3 trips to the store for cat liter, and tide detergent, I later found out that’s how NASCAR cleans up oil spills.  Well the DIY BMW E65 E66 oil change was over and I filmed the process and decided to upload the video to YouTube so I could help others if they were running into the same problems.  Turned out to be a great idea, many like myself have trouble figuring out projects, I’m a visual learner so I need videos or pictures to understand the job.  Folks have written to thank me for taking the time for filming my projects, and my reply would be thanks for watching and I hope that I can help you.  So overall working on your own BMW yes does take some starter cash to buy your jack and jack stands, if you can have your dads ham-e-downs then all the better.  Once you have the basics the sky is the limit you could even help your buddies out with their cars and tell them, you have to buy me dinner or pay some gas money and recoup your investment.  Most BMW E65 E66 projects that I’ve done have been pretty straight forward,  it does take me more time to film everything, but I enjoy it, and when people reach out and say thank you that is what keeps me filming.  The money you will save overall will be a lot especially the older your BMW gets in age, you need to do the proper BMW maintenance to keep your machine running strong.  I was able to pick up my 2006 BMW 750i E65 for a great price, it did have about 76,000 miles on it already, so some fluids and filters needed to be changed right away.  Yes fluids and filters do cost money, but you will be saving lots of money instead of paying for service labor fees.  Have you looked at a invoice for the dealership or Indy shop lately their per hour fee is out of this world, I’m not saying that all dealerships or Indy shops are bad and rip you off but a dealership does have  many employees and expensive overhead in order to keep all those lights on, as do a smaller Indy shop he has a mortgage and probably a car payment himself.  Some projects may just be a little bit more bit then you can chew, if that’s the case I would advise you to acquire help from somebody else if at all possible or worst case is to pay somebody to do it, but at least tackle the easy ones and work your way up to the more complex projects.  I personally have probably saved near the 4000-5000 dollar mark by now working on my own car, and that’s only in a 1 year period.  I use my BMW E65 to chauffer people around town for a living so I drive a lot, on a busy year I’ll put 40,000-45,000 miles on the odometer.  I know that’s a lot,  I have been through 5-6 oil changes.  Again I might change my oil a little more frequently than most BMW owners, I change mine about every 7,500 miles.  Most BMW owners change theirs every 15,000 miles.

So overall you should work on your BMW to save money, not to mention just getting to know your BMW and how this beautiful machine works and runs.  I enjoy working on my BMW E65 and I hope to do a lot more BMW E65 750i E66 750li projects in the future hopefully projects that are on my terms, meaning before the check engine light comes on meaning something is really wrong.  Head to my video page to see all my BMW 750i 750li projects.

To give you a thought to take away, with all this saved money you can take your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend out to that dinner date that is much overdue.

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Welcome To Do It Yourself 7 Series BMW Service For E65 750i & E66 750li

Welcome To DiyE65E66

This is your 1 stop shop for all your 2002-2008 Bmw E65 E66 needs.  Over the last year I have filmed all of my Bmw E65 750i E66 750li projects and posted them to YouTube under the channel name DiysaveCash.  The reason I started filming my projects is because I felt like giving back, kind of like paying it forward.  You see awhile ago I had another car it was a 2004 Cadillac CTS and the car broke down a couple times.  One time it was the water pump, and well I had no idea had to fix it, I was cutting it close every month with paying bills and running my chauffeur business, so I did not have any extra money to take my car to the shop.  I needed my car back up and running quickly, everyday was lost revenue, and so like most of us I turned to YouTube were I learned how to fix the water pump and also install new belts and hoses.  It didn’t stop there folks, the nice folks on YouTube taught me how to install a new window regulator for my broken window.  Other projects included oil changes, transmission oil changes, filter changes etc.  Now YouTube wasn’t how I learned everything I have to thank my dad bless his heart for teaching me the basics.  When my car broke down when I was young, he would say “I’ll help you fix it but I’m not going to fix it for you”  then we would head over to the local Pick a Part and take our tool box and wretch it out and install it back at home.  Tell you the truth he has given me about 90 % of the tools that I use to work on my E65.  So thank you for stopping by, I’m here to help you and I hope we can help each other.  Please leave comments and lets help each other out, if there are projects that I have not covered and someone is in need hopefully someone that has the knowledge can answer.  Here on DiyE65E66.com you can access all of the YouTube videos in one location, with of course all the resources and links for tools or products you might need to purchase to get the job done.  So check back often I’ll have all the latest projects up. Thank you and happy fixing.

Projects that I have done.  ( Head to Video Tab )

tool box

  1.  Bmw E65 E66 Oil change
  2.  Bmw E65 E66 Transmission oil change
  3.  Bmw E65 E66 Rear differential oil change
  4.  Bmw E65 E66 CCV Crank Case Vent Valves replace and install
  5.  Bmw E65 E66 Final Stage Blower Air Conditioning Squeak fix, ( showing you location and removing )
  6.  Bmw E65 E66 A/C Micro Cabin Filter replace and change ( both of them )
  7.  Bmw E65 E66 Engine Air Filter replace and change (both of them )
  8.  Bmw E65 E66 How to properly jack up your car and put it on jack stands
  9.  Bmw E65 E66 How to Properly add more coolant
  10.  Bmw E65 E66 How to replace and charge a battery in a 7 series key fob ( for comfort access and non )
  11.  Bmw E65 E66 How to change your spare tire with your tools Bmw gives you
  12.  Bmw E65 E66 How to reset your Idrive computer and service ( like oil changes, filter, spark plugs etc )
  13.  How to make your own Do It Yourself 1 man pressure brake bleeder for under 20 dollars ( to bleed your brakes without a helper )
  14.  Bmw E65 E66 How to add more window washing fluid and where resivor is located.
  15.  Bmw E65 E66 Back seat noise fix ( known problem in the ski rack area of these Bmw’s )
  16.  Bmw E65 E66 Pairing of your Iphone to your Bmw’s bluetooth and where to find your bluetooth Pin Pass key.
  17.  Bmw E65 E66 Brake Bleeding video

& Many More, with more on the way.  To See these projects Head To Video Tab

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