DIY BMW E65 E66 How To Replace Your Guibo Joint

It’s finally here, if you have been waiting for my How To Replace Your Guibo Joint Video.  The Guibo Joint is also known as the Flex Disc or U-Joint or Universal Joint some even call it a bushing or Propeller Disc or Joint.  It’s all the same thing, I did this whole process by myself with a borrowed 18 mm wrench from my pop that came in really handy (watch video below)  Below I’ll list the tools you must need for this job and a few optional ones.  The Guibo Joint itself isn’t that much you can find it for around 100-130 dollars depends on were you check.  While your watching this video if some bolts are different then yours especially the rear drive shaft ones, mine are E-torx E12, or you can get away with a 3/8 wrench, (again watch video for full details) I believe 02-05 E65 E66 are different bolts.  So here are some problems I ran into.  I couldn’t get the drive shaft off of the rear, so I took the Guibo out with out dropping the drive shaft completely.   Hanging the exhaust back on took some strength and another helper would have been nice but I was able to do it myself.  So if you want to save probably at least 400-500 dollars on labor watch the video, hire your friend as a helper for free taco bell dinner and away you go.

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If you have a friend or know someone that has a shop lift, oh wow that would save time on your back.  I did get a great ab workout in being under the car and sitting up a lot:)  The results are great, I now have clean shifting from 1-2 and 2-1 without the clunk or noise, now it doesn’t feel like someone just hit my bummer from the rear when I shift down from 2-1.  Going from Park to Drive is smooth without the loud clunk, and it’s now smooth from drive to reverse.  So all my shifting issues and noises went away, I’m very happy.  Happy fixing.

Tools You Need:

4 Jack stands
8mm socket
10mm socket
13mm socket
18mm socket
E-Torx E12 (I believe only on 06-08 E65 E66)
18mm wrench
18mm flex head wrench (has bent end)
Socket extensions
Maybe WD40
Maybe Tie-Downs to hold exhaust or boxes
Remember while the car is up in the air, remember if you need to do any other work like Fuel filter or Transmission Oil Change, rotate your tires etc.

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4 Responses to DIY BMW E65 E66 How To Replace Your Guibo Joint

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Chris

    Would a slight jerking or delayed engage of the transmission be a symptom?

    I’m a new owner of the beast…… Lol

    • Chris says:

      Hello, Yes sometimes I did feel a little jerking and delayed engage, I’m remembering now that just sometimes after I charge up a hill then come to a stop sign it would go clunk, then from 1st to 2nd it would sometimes delay and go clunk again, but the main symptoms you would feel more of a clunk, but others report different issues, normally it’s from Park to Reverse then Clunk, sometimes for me park to drive, but always was from 1st gear to 2nd then I would slow down for a stop sign and clunk very embarrassing it sounds like your transmission is going (that’s what others think). The worst sound was again Park to Drive and Park To Reverse Clunk. Sounded like my transmission fell off. After I fixed this now my car is running very smooth, I also did the BMW Transmission Adaptive Reset after I put the new Guibo in. I have a video for how to do that as well. Thanks for watching the videos.
      P.S congrats on owning this beautiful car.

  2. eckoman says:

    hello, would vibration at around 60mph be a symptom of a bad guibo? my car also struggle when goimg up hill i feel like its lost its accelaration it used to have

    • Chris says:

      I used to get vibrations at higher speeds as well with my old cadillac, it could be a couple different things, could be your wheel bearing, or could be a axle bearing, I don’t think it would be the guibo, for your uphill problem, I would look to see if you might have a bad fuel filter, maybe the gas is having a hard time getting sucked up from a clog? The other option are you putting 91 gas in?

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