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48 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Eric says:


    I’ve been checking out your videos. Awesome stuff. However, when you took off your stock rims. Did your tire pressure sensor light come ?

    How do you reset the low tire pressure sensor (TPM) ?


    • Chris says:

      Hello Eric,

      Thanks for watching and stopping by the site, with my after market rims and tires, I’m pulling a Tire pressure monitor malfunction that comes up when starting my car, from what I understand, there is a sensor inside the tire that goes bad or needs to be replaced. The after market rims and tires currently on my car do not have this so that is the malfunction that’s happening to me. I will make a video tomorrow showing how to reset the tire pressure monitor after you have filled your tires with air. Sometimes it takes 15-30 minutes to reset completely and show your pressure after you reset it, after you reset it, and if your still having problems then one of the sensors may be busted. Hope this helps and again I’ll upload that video to the site soon.


    • Chris says:

      Hello Eric,
      I’m uploading the How To Reset Tire Pressure Monitor Video Now, it should be up soon. Hope it helps. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Bob says:

      Do you know about much about the Dynamic Drive,? the Dealer wants me to change the sensor, everything works?

      Any ideas to fix this


  2. Faiz says:

    Hello Chris, Thank You for sharing all the videos, they are a lot of help for beginners like me. I was wondering if you had a chance to replace the interior light bulbs to led bulbs? If you can upload a video on how to change the dome light bulbs in the rearm that will be helpful. I was successfully able to change the bulbs in the front but NOT the rear.

    Thank You!

    • Chris says:

      Hello Faiz,

      Thanks for stopping by, I have not changed the interior bulbs yet to LED’s but now I want to. How do your front dome lights look? I will take a look this weekend and try to get a video up very soon regarding the rear lights. Thank you for watching and stop by again soon.

  3. Faiz says:

    Hey Chris,

    They look great! I have changed the factory bulbs with LED and Everyone who sits in the car they are amazed with the look. Specially in the night when they light up. Additionally, I have changed the door lights to RED color LED and they look awesome.


    • Chris says:

      Hello Faiz,

      Wow that sounds great, where did you get your lights from? I never thought of red door lights, that would look great. Anyway you can send a picture of what they look like, this is something that I would like to do. You can send the pic to

      Thank you,

  4. Faiz says:


    Sure, I will send few pics when I return back from my vacation. I bought them from the below website. I chose this company because of good customer service and also because my cousin shop from here so he has great experience with them. They are little pricey compare to amazon or ebay but I don’t trust products there and as you know the customer service is not that great, just my opinion.

    P.S. If you are buying be sure to ask them for a coupon, I did and they gave me $12 or $13 off the total.

  5. J says:

    Your site is helpful as I just purchased 08 750il & plan on using it a great deal. My owners manual is being ordered so I have a few concerns.

    How can I stream music from iPod & iPhone without using the aux cord?

    Can I set the trunk to unlock by waving my foot under the car?

    Also is there a way to have all doors unlock when I touch the door handle before entering the car?

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for stopping by the site, to answer your first question about streaming music without the AUX cable unfortunate our cars do not have this ability that I’ve figured out unless you could possibly change the coding in the Idrive. Because your Bluetooth is used for phone calls it actually blocks music, but allows phone calls ( I know ). I just use my FM transmitter because my 06 does not have the AUX plug in like your 08.

      Second question, the wave your foot underneath the car bummer is a new feature I’m 99 percent sure your 08 doesn’t have that feature.
      If it does please let me know.

      3rd question, Most car companies including BMW have set the computer coding for safety meaning 1 touch or 1 unlock push on key and just the drivers door unlocks 2 touches or pushes for all the rest of your locks. It’s a safety feature, you can google how to code that but you’ll need the USB to OBD and the software for that. All my cars I’ve owned are the same way 2 pushes for all unlocks. My wife’s new 2013 same thing 2 touches for all 1 touch for just drivers door.

      Hopefully another reader will read this and if they have coded this before on their E65 E66 they can help us out.

      If I find out any new information I’ll let you know.

      Thanks for watching.

  6. Mohan says:

    Hi Chris,
    I want to commend you on your very informative website.
    I too own a BMW 7 series. It’s a 2008 BMW730D and just a dream to drive and own.
    I service my own cars and will be doing the same on this.
    Looking at the official BMW service schedule it looks fairly straight forward.
    Keep up the good work, well done to you mate

    • Chris says:

      Hello Mohan,
      Thank you for the kind words, and thanks for watching the videos, I have a lot more videos on the way so stay tuned.

  7. wayne says:

    hello i need some help .i have a 2005 bmw x5 sports 4.4i my front headlight was damage so i replace it with a new one but it still wont work .someone said it have to program ..have any idea how its program …..thanks

    • Chris says:

      Hello Wayne
      I looked into this issue last night and I saw a good YouTube video on how to replace a headlight for your X5, thats the link for that video, he changes both at the same time, I don’t think that is your issue maybe your wiring is cut somewhere and the wiring is causing the issue. Also check the headlight fuse to make sure that the fuse isn’t blown (if you have a headlight fuse) Hopefully someone sees this comment and can further assist you. Thanks for watching, and please let me know when you do fix it and what the issue was.


  8. Sven says:

    Hey Chris,
    nice Website! Just found it on the Internet! I am the Webmaster of the in Germany.

    Maby we can work out some things together. So far we havent an english language part in the Forum but this should change soon.

    Have you tried out the engine remote start function yet for the BMW E65? If not have a look to our Forum! In german its called Motor Fernstart!

    Have a nice day!

    Best Regards


    you can find me under “mauipascal” in our Forum!

    • Chris says:

      Hello Sevn,

      Thanks for finding the website, I haven’t tried the remote start function yet. I’ll have to check out the Forum, thanks for stopping by and yes if we can help eachother’s projects please let me know.

      Thank you

  9. Faiz says:


    Thanks a lot for uploading the video on how to change rear dome and reading lights. Appreciate it!


  10. Daniel Stanfill III says:


    I want to tell you how much I appreciate your DIY videos. Knowing these BMW “tricks of the trade” makes it possible to save very significant $$$$ on Dealer service.

    I have a 2006 BMW 760Li. Love that V-12! But it shares many of the problems common to other E66 vehicles.

    I am a retired aerospace engineer (mechanical engineer / electrical engineer) who can be critical of BMW engineers when they mess up on the design or engineering of these vehicles. To name one: the plastic door sills that quickly show scuffing and wear.

    The BMW engineers should have used solid color plastic instead of a plastic coating that soon wears through to show a different (lighter) color plastic under
    the coating. It looks terrible in an otherwise pristine and well-maintained car.
    And I’m sure you don’t want your passengers seeing obvious wear on an otherwise
    clean and well-maintained car.

    The fix? Go to NAPA Auto Parts on line ( and search
    for “Chrome tape.” It is 3 inches wide, 60 inches long Peel-and-Stick tape. Cut to size and apply. One roll does two door sills. If done properly, the door sills looks like they came from the factory. If it gets scuffed or dirty, wipe clean, and it looks as good as new.

    All the Best,

    Daniel Stanfill
    Goodyear, AZ

  11. Abdullah says:

    thank you Chris . your videos are awesome.

  12. Mike says:

    Hi Chris,

    Having failures with both TPM and PDC in my 02 745i each time I start the car. I’m wonderingif you can do a video or provide info on how to just disable the features altogether as the dealer wants way too much to fix them.

    Thanks and your videos are really helpful!

    • Chris says:

      Hello Mike,

      I know it’s pretty annoying having that pop up on the dash every time, I have the same problem, hopefully someone will come across this and help us out, I just did a little research then came back to finish this comment, it looks like you have to rewrite the computer code in the Idrive computer. I don’t know what that code it is, but I’ll try to look into to matter more. Hope this helps, Thanks for watching.

  13. Benjamin Robinson says:

    Does the fuse ring in ur glove box operate ur navigation it want work it says call bmw

    • Chris says:

      Hello Benjamin,
      You know I saw that when I was making my Fuse box video, that might be the GPS antenna, tell you the truth I do not know, I have only used the Navigation 1 time because my Iphone was out of battery. Hopefully someone reads this and can help us out, I will try to look into the matter more. Thank you for your question, if you find out sooner then I do please stop back by and let me know.


  14. Thomas says:

    Hello Chris

    I found you and your site by chance. It was exactly what I was looking for!
    I’m a good mechanic on domestic cars but my BMW scares me! Lol

    Thanks to you I’ll step out on my faith and attempt to work on this automobile

    I’ll let you know how I’m doing……

    Thanks sir! You’re awesome

  15. Michael says:

    Love the site I use to check you out on YouTube but now I have your site “so much detail” love it! I’m about to chance the battery on my 05 745i (because of a drain or maybe the battery is bad not sure yet) but have you had a battery drain problem with your car and if so was it a module staying on or something. Let me know, oh yeah in the glove box that deal is called a lollipop and it is suppose to complete a circuit to a module so if you trace the wire you will find out which one.

    Keep up the videos!!!!

  16. Ryan says:

    Chris. One quick question for you I had a engine high temperature reading on my 06 750i and the waterpump was replaced about 5 months ago and
    The lower hose replaced a week ago is it possibly my thermostat . And thanks for all the great videos on diye65e66

    • Chris says:

      Hello Ryan,

      Sorry for the late reply I was on vacation, I do believe that it could be the thermostat, but it might be your sensor that is attached to your thermostat or the lower hose sensor, or the sensor on the waterpump. Do you know if the sensor on the water pump was changed when they put the new one in?

  17. frank says:

    i have a 2004 bmw 745 li my rear brake light above the trunk is not working what could be the problem thanks

    • Chris says:

      Hello Frank,
      I would think that it is either the fuse for the trunk light or the light itself has burned out. I don’t know the fuse for that right now, but if you look at your charts, 1 is located on the right hand side of the trunk just lift up and there are your fuses and chart should be listed on back of compartment, 2nd fuse location is glove box and chart is inside, I have a video showing you exactly what these are. Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by.

  18. James C. says:

    Hi, just wanted to compliment you and your site. EXCELLENT WORK! It’s so expensive to fix these cars that any and all help is appreciated. Just curious but do you have a video of how to repair the rear doors window shades. My shades that go up and down are coming detached. Also the strip of leather is catching them as they go an and down. Any videos on how to take the door panel off or anything easier?

    Thanks and keep up the great videos.

    • Chris says:

      Hello James,

      My 06 750i actually doesn’t have the window shade feature so I haven’t come across that fix yet. My next project soon will be taking off the door panels stayed tuned for that. Thanks for stopping by the site.

  19. Bassel says:

    Good morning Chris. My name is Bassel
    First of all, I want to thank you for all your helpful video’s that you have on here. Here is what’s going on with me:
    I have an 06 750li that I took to the dealer back in august and was told I need a Guibo, Battery and a steering angle sensor. I replaced the Guibo thanks to your video and the battery. Before doing that, t have not drove the car in 2 months. After replacing the Guibo, I took the car for a ride and it felt strange and the check engine light came on. It gave me a code P17E1 but I never hade that happen before. I took it to dealer and they said I need a transmission. Can you give me any advice please.

    • Chris says:

      Hello Bassel,

      I would not put a new transmission in before you know what’s going on. Try to do a transmission adaption reset and that might cure it.


  20. BMW E65 760i-problem engine says:

    Please excuse my English. I’m Czech and I have a problem with the 760i, which I made a video ( ). Authorized dealers do not know what it is, diagnostics showed nothing, so I turn to you for help. I will provide more examples.

  21. Harold says:

    I have a 06 750i when I sit at a drive in window idling the car starts to smoke, and when I take off a cloud of smoke. I do not see any performance difference or idling in park I do not see the smoke. Any ideas about the problem?

  22. Lloyd says:

    Hi chris having a problem with my hazzard switch on my 2006bmw 750li . as you know the switch is in the middle of the dashboard I would like to change it do I have to take out the whole dashboard or if so Iwould like to know how. thank you.

  23. Dan says:

    Hi Chris, I appreciate what you’re doing. I haven’t done any work on my 745i, but I’ve been studying your videos, and I will soon open shop. Do you anticipate a future video on spark plug change or window regulator replacement? I understand the plugs can be difficult to get to. Thanks.

  24. Neo says:

    Hi Chris , thanks for the video as it really make me stun to know so much hidden thing. Anyway my speedometer appear the PARK sign .whereby I can’t press the handbrake button to apply handbrake after that sign appear. My rear brake still have sufficent brake pad . I don’t know what caused it. Another issue is the front left side brake.when press down brake ,there will be flappy noise coming from still does brake but it caused a lot noise needed thanks,

  25. Mans says:

    Hi Chris
    During my search for my problem i found your youtube Chanel and i found a lot of useful info. such as the
    Guibo Joint Symptoms . but i have another big problem which is during my driving the car after more than half an hour working in hot weather the transmission go to neutral and some times the engine turn off . but if i leave it for 10 or 15 minutes after plugging off the battery the car goes okay for few minutes and same problem come back again.
    I hope i can find the solution withe you .


    • Chris says:

      Hello Mans,

      Yes I’ve heard many others chat about this problem, I have yet to experience this myself so unfortunate I haven’t researched how to fix the problem yet. If you google the issue then you should be able to come across the guys on the forum boards and they have great write ups about this topic. Hope this helps.


  26. Vince W. says:

    Hi Chris
    Just as Michael said, I watch your videos on Youtube also. They are so informative and detailed that I just had to subscribe. Very well done. I have the same year and model as you do. They are so nice to drive aren’t they? I noticed that your engine bay is very dusty. May I suggest you make a video on how to shampoo your engine. LOL
    Keep up the good work!!!

    • Chris says:


      Yes I was thinking of doing a video about that, I have no idea how it got that dirty, it must have been parked outside when the previous owner owned it. I’ll try and get that video up soon. Thanks for the reminder.


  27. John Van says:

    I have a 2006 BMW 750li. I feel front wheels vibrate at around 60 mph. The car has 91500 miles. Do you think it has something to do with the lower front arm bushings?


    • Chris says:

      Hello John,

      Might be the rotors? I used to get that when I was braking the whole car would shake, turned out to be the rotors. It’s kind of hard to tell if their bad by just looking at them visually, but the symptoms sound like it might be that. I would check it out before you dump money into rotors or control arms. Mine needs to have the front control arms replaced as well, and right now I’m not getting any vibration at high speeds, but I’m getting the popping sounds and the creeking sounds coming from them. Hope this helps.


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