BMW E65 E66 How To Install New Idler Tensioner And Pulley For Serpentine Belt

Well First Off, this job was above the car so that is always exciting, my dream one day is to own a car lift just like the TV shows were I can raise the car up and stand up and work underneath the car, but until then it’s always nice not to have to jack up the car and go under, plus it saves a lot of time. Total Time for this job about 30-45 minutes. Tools Needed 1.  Breaker Bar 2.  Torx Bit 50 & 55 3.  Flat Head Screw driver for popping off pulley cover 4.  Maybe socket extension 5.  Size 16mm socket 6.  Gloves or Latex Gloves First raise the hood, then take off your air box covers, unlatch them and grab your flat head screw driver and loosen the o-rings from the intake, I have this whole process on my Crank Case Vent Valves Video Here. … Continue reading