DIY BMW E65 E66 How To Replace Your Guibo Joint

It’s finally here, if you have been waiting for my How To Replace Your Guibo Joint Video.  The Guibo Joint is also known as the Flex Disc or U-Joint or Universal Joint some even call it a bushing or Propeller Disc or Joint.  It’s all the same thing, I did this whole process by myself with a borrowed 18 mm wrench from my pop that came in really handy (watch video below)  Below I’ll list the tools you must need for this job and a few optional ones.  The Guibo Joint itself isn’t that much you can find it for around 100-130 dollars depends on were you check.  While your watching this video if some bolts are different then yours especially the rear drive shaft ones, mine are E-torx E12, or you can get away with a 3/8 wrench, (again watch video for full details) I believe 02-05 E65 E66 … Continue reading

DIY BMW E65 E66 How To: Replace Dome And Reading Lights For Rear Seat Replacement

This is a small issue compared to other problems but, if you do have a backseat interior light go out on you, here’s the latest video for how to solve that problem.  The other option is, if you want to upgrade all your interior lights to bright white LED lights.  This video will be for removal of backseat roof trim, so you can access the lighting system for your Dome light and your passenger left and right side reading lights.  Watch the full video for removal and putting everything back together.  I do recommend using a Auto Trim Removal Kit for this job to prevent scratching of your interior of your BMW E65 E66.  Here’s a couple options for your LED bright White interior lights. Thanks for watching Bmw e65 e66 rear dome reading light replacement video, and I’ll see you on the next job.  

BMW E65 E66 Fuse Box Locations With Chart Diagram

Where are my Fuses located in my BMW E65 E66?  Great question I thought the same thing, I found the fuse box location in the trunk righthand side pretty easily, but this couldn’t be all the fuses.  My cousin’s Mercedes Benz W211 E500 had 3 locations so I knew there was another one.  Well off I searched and bam found it hidden away in the glove box.  Below in the video I show you exactly where both locations are and how to remove the fuses.  When replacing fuses make sure you are replacing them in the slot location where you remove them from and make sure you replace the fuse with the SAME color & number as the one you removed.  The fuse removers are located in the trunk fuse box location again watch video below for location.  If your fuse remover is missing, then get some needle nose pliers and that … Continue reading