BMW E65 E66 How To Install New Idler Tensioner And Pulley For Serpentine Belt

Well First Off, this job was above the car so that is always exciting, my dream one day is to own a car lift just like the TV shows were I can raise the car up and stand up and work underneath the car, but until then it’s always nice not to have to jack up the car and go under, plus it saves a lot of time.

Total Time for this job about 30-45 minutes.

Tools Needed

1.  Breaker Bar
2.  Torx Bit 50 & 55
3.  Flat Head Screw driver for popping off pulley cover
4.  Maybe socket extension
5.  Size 16mm socket
6.  Gloves or Latex Gloves

First raise the hood, then take off your air box covers, unlatch them and grab your flat head screw driver and loosen the o-rings from the intake, I have this whole process on my Crank Case Vent Valves Video Here.   Remove your sensor and engine cover and set all this aside, you should have a great view of the engine and belts and pulleys now.  Start by taking off your Serpentine Belt take your breaker bar with your Torx Bit size T55 and pull the breaker bar to the right to cause the Tensioner to move to the side so that you will have slack in the Serpentine Belt.  Carefully remove the Serpentine Belt without getting your figures caught and set aside.  

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Next you can remove the Tensioner Bolt which is a 16mm socket and turn left to loosen it.  The bolt removes very easily, then take off the Tensioner and put the new Tensioner back on with the old bolt.  Notice the New Tensioner will have the pin set inside so you’ll need to let that pin out after you bolt it back in.  Hand thread the bolt back in first then tighten down German strength or you can look up the torque specs online.  Grab your pliers or your weapon of choice and take out the pin holding the Tensioner in place, I put pressure to the right with my breaker bar.  With that done move over below the alternator and find your lower Pulley take your flat head screw driver and pop off the black cap that is covering the bolt.  The bolt is a Torx Bit T50 loosen that up and remove the old one, your new one comes with a new bolt so use the new one and again hand thread the new bolt in first then tighten down German strength or get the exact torque specs online.  Your almost done, now put the new Serpentine Belt back on, before you put the Serpentine Belt back on make sure there is no dirt on the pulley’s or in the groves of the pulleys.  The writing on the Serpentine Belt can face either way but for some folks they like it perfect so whatever way you pulled the old belt off and the name brand writing on it was facing towards you, you can put it back on the same way if you like.  Make sure that you have put the belt back on the exact same way around the pulley’s.  If your still holding the Tensioner release the pressure on the Tensioner and then put everything back together and close the hood and go about your merry day.  It won’t take you very long and the results you’ll love, great JOB.  Unclear on project then Watch the Video Below.

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